Online Fashion -- A Handful Of Growing Challenges

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Central Indiana BBB said to be very careful before clicking on those Facebook and Instagram ads for trendy outfits for rock-bottom prices. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” said president Tim Maniscalo. According to the Better Business Bureau, a lot of online shoppers are getting hit by fashion schemers. Companies offer the latest trends for rock bottom prices, but usually you’re not really getting a deal. “If you’re buying a dress for less than ten dollars, that’s probably not going to be very good quality,” said Maniscalo. Despite a crackdown last year by Facebook, schemers are still on the site, as well as Instagram.  The BBB said it usually gets more complaints about the companies this time of year.  “The customer service tends to be not very good, if you can get a hold of them,” said Maniscalo. “If that’s the case, they’ll give you a lot of runaround. You know, you just don’t get a lot of service from these folks.” A quick Google search for bad businesses should bring up plenty of bad reviews. Dress Lilly and Rosegal are the two flagged in the BBB’s warning and have more negative than positive review. “You’ll see a lot of other reviews on Facebook and other places where people will say, ‘Hey I tried this out and I just got taken by this,’” said Maniscalo.

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