An Ideas Analysis Of Realistic Skin Care Products

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The ex-TV star and artist is accused of assaulting the woman at Moorfields Eye Hospital, in London, in 1977. A witness told Southwark court he had welcomed Mr Harris into the room where the alleged assault took place but did see or hear anything untoward. Mr Harris denies seven indecent assault charges and one of sexual assault. The woman, who has been disabled since birth, was totally blind and had to walk with a stick when the indecent assault allegedly took place. Giving evidence on Monday, the woman - 27 at the time of the alleged assault - had told the court Mr Harris had swooped on her like a "hawk pouncing on his prey", leaving her "completely and utterly trapped" during the incident. 'Nothing reported' The witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Southwark Crown Court jury how he had welcomed the entertainer into the hospital room where the complainant was. He told the court he would have been paying "very little" attention to the pair. Prosecutor Jonathan Rees asked: "In the course of that period he was in your company, can you recall any event that gave you cause for concern?" The witness, who was in his late teens or early 20s at the time of the alleged assault, said: "I saw nothing that gave me cause for concern or heard anything that gave me cause for concern. "I can't recall anything being reported to me, by anybody, of any concern." He told the court that included the complainant. The trial continues.